My Aircraft Reporting System

MARS is an intuitive global Web Application designed for private and fractional aircraft owners, flight departments, and charter operators.

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MARS will help eradicate trust issues and increase your customer service level, while improving the process in your department. MARS is the only system in the market that gives your owners one hub that they can access their financial records and flight activity at their fingertips, giving you increased loyalty and less monthly inquiries to your accounting team.

Responsive Access

Impress your clients or potential clients with a sense of professionalism by giving them access to their account 24/7, on any device. Not only will you be offering time saving convenience, but also creating a trusting partnership from day one.


What does MARS offer:

  • Gives jet owners one hub to view their account
  • Reduced calls concerning billing inquiries
  • Reduced time spent on month end reporting
  • Giving your jet owners better customer service
  • Being a leader in your industry
  • Offering your clients convenience
  • Creating a paperless environment

MARS reduces time spent on month end reporting

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